Jonathan Mason

Partner, Attorney, Mediator

Graduated from St. Mary's University Law school with a dual degree,  Juris Doctorate and Masters in International Relations in 2016.


My military service took me overseas and I have extensive experience in working with different cultures, backgrounds, and environments. I brokered deals and transactions between Ambassadors, Heads of State, NATO Security forces, local and federal police departments, and local citizens in areas ranging from multi-million dollar arrangements all the way down to parking spaces in a parking lot.


Our legal practice is focused on Family Law and my experience in dealing with my own family issues and the Family Law, CPS, Employment, and Criminal cases I have handled give me the unique experience to be able to give your case the individualized attention and respect it deserves.


Don't leave your family life decisions in the hands of uncertainty, anxiety, and expense at the courthouse.


Keep the power in your hands while reducing the stress, and expense by resolving your differences in a comfortable and relaxing setting at our office.


Licensed to practice law in Texas in December 2016.

Accepted to practice in the U.S. Western District Court 2016.

Credentialed Mediator in Civil and Family Law 2017.

Accepted to the CPS wheel in Bexar County 2017.

Candidate Member of the Texas Association of Mediators 2018.